About Us

AtrivaQ is a small business that curates high quality kits that help student and children’s inquisitiveness rise. Our kits are supplied with top-quality tested components. AtrivaQ has a team of testers and curators and support individuals who ensure that students have the best time while creating.

Our motto is to make the process of learning science fun hands-on! And our goal is to make that process as fun as possible while also being resilient, of good quality, cheap and easy

AtrivaQ began during the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic when many of the students lost their opportunities to visit and learn in schools. Since then, our team has been working non-stop so that top-quality kits can be curated to facilitate the hands-on experience for them. Currently we only have a few products for sale. But we soon plan to change that and have a whole line.

AtrivaQ has chosen to distribute its manuals for those that purchase the products online thorugh our service so that the most recent and updated manuals are available for students. Our service has also been tested meticulously to make sure that the users have the best experience when it comes to using their kits.

Our kits are aimed at students who are above the age of 13. (13+) This is because the components included may be unsafe for those below the age. But each kit can be made by people of almost any age with a little bit of supervision and care

Our team hopes that students find our kits enjoying and useful. And if you are a student yourself, we sincerely hope that you have a great time.

Thank You,

Team AtrivaQ

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